Thinking about a FreeBSD or Linux system? Why don’t you take one out for a test drive.

HP has unleashed the devil in all of us…well…sorta. They’ve actually come up with a really cool program that lets you test drive different operating systems online including FreeBSD, Redhat Linux, and Debian Linux. All that’s required is a free registration then the box is yours to test drive.

Want to try the latest technologies over the Internet? This program allows you to testdrive some of the hottest hardware and operating systems available today. Have you ever wanted to try out HP’s exciting 64-bit Integrity, Alpha, and PA-RISC technology? Get time on SMP x86 and Opteron ProLiant servers? Try out a Blade server. Try different Open Source operating systems. Do it here! Just register for an account and fasten your seatbelt!

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