Presentation Zen Takes An Indepth Look At The Presentation Styles of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Have you ever wondered why Steve Jobs pack’s ’em in for his presentations making the crowd antsy with anticipation while Bill Gates seems to get less than favorable reviews? Well maybe it’s their stye. Presentation Zen takes a look at the styles of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and finds what’s good and what’s bad.

Presentation Zen: “Visual-Zen Master,” Steve Jobs, allows the screen to fade completely empty at appropriate, short moments while he tells his story. In a great jazz performance much of the real power of the music comes from the spaces in between the notes. The silence gives more substance and meaning to the notes. A blank screen from time to time also makes images stronger when they do appear.

Also, it takes a confident person to design for the placement of empty slides. This is truly “going naked” visually. For most presenters a crowded slide is a crutch, or at least a security blanket. The thought of allowing the screen to become completely empty is scaring. Now all eyes are on you.

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