Scientists Unearth “Godzilla-like” Creature

Paleontologists in Patagonia have unearthed the remains of a huge reptile they’ve nicknamed “Godzilla” for it’s distinct characteristics. A terrifying sea creature that had the head of a dinosaur, the body of a crocodile and the fins of a fish and ruled the deep 135 million years ago has been unearthed by palaeontologists.

Fossil remains of the predator, Dakosaurus andiniensis, which has already been nicknamed “Godzilla”, have been uncovered in Patagonia, Argentina, in a region that was once a deep tropical bay.

The creature measured 13 feet from nose to tail and had a powerful 18in-long snout, with interlocking serrated teeth up to 4in long.

But although a similar size to modern-day crocodiles, which have been known to grow to a length of up to 19ft, scientists were struck by the animal’s unusual bullet-shaped skull and massive jaws – earning it the Hollywood-style nickname.