In China, Hunt on for Loch Ness Monster Turns Up Giant Salmon

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Yahoo News!: “In 1980, Yuan was part of a team of 150 experts who launched the first scientific study of the lake’s environment and its flora and fauna.

It was then that he met Chinese Mongolians living in the area known as the Tuwa people and heard the ancient legend of the monsters in Kanasi. Few details were available; most of the villagers fell silent when pressed.

Five years later, still intrigued, Yuan headed another team to study environmental protection for the lake ??? and to search for the creatures of the Tuwa myth.

Within a day, he had his first sighting.

“They looked like tadpoles coming up for breath,” Yuan recalls. “Their eyes were huge. Their mouths were gaping.”

After weeks of study, Yuan and his team discovered dozens of huge red fish, each 30-50 feet long and weighing more than four tons, living in the lake.

In 1989, scientists concluded that the fish ??? a type of giant, freshwater salmon that thrives in frigid, deep, waters ??? were in all likelihood the monsters.

Despite that conviction, there remains a niggling doubt.

Yuan says the largest Taimen salmon scientists have captured is just 12 feet long and weighs 220 pounds. The biggest caught in Kanasi is 4 feet, 9 inches long, according to the documentary.”