Apples New Toy Aperture Appeals to Digital Photo Professionals

Wow! Apple has release a really cool professional photo platform called Aperture. Aperture allows real time editing in RAW format as well as versioning so you never lose your master documents. Take a look at the specs below:

Apple: Input

* Import images directly from cameras and storage devices

o Compact Flash I, II and Microdrive

o Memory Stick and Memory Stick Duo

o Secure Digital, MultiMedia, and SmartMedia cards

o xD Picture cards

* Drag files in from any volume (preserves Finder folder hierarchy)

* Browse and import directly from iPhoto library

File Formats

* Native RAW import and editing from leading dSLR cameras


* Compatible with all major still image formats


Photo Management

* Work with thousands of projects

* High-performance database

* Organize photos into projects and albums

* Include up to 10,000 ???master??? images per Project with as many ???versions??? as needed

* Create albums from any combination of images

* Combing photos from multiple projects into albums

* Search using Smart Albums based on metadata queries

* One-click archival and backup

* Backup to multiple drives concurrently

* Aperture tracks backup status and location of all images

Image Processing

* Non-destructive image processing

* Master image becomes locked digital negative

* Create alternate versions without using extra disk space

* Photographer???s ???Essential??? non-destructive editing tools

o Exposure

o Histogram

o Crop

o Highlights & Shadows

o Sharpen

o RGB Channel Mixer

o Levels

o White Balance

o Straighten

o Red Eye Correction

o Noise Reduction

* Modify and suspend adjustments at any time

* Dust, spot, blemish, red-eye, and patch tools

* Lift and Stamp tool to copy and paste adjustments

* Use Stacks to manage alternate versions

* Seamless Photoshop integration

o One-click export directly into Photoshop as .PSD or TIFF

o Native support for flattened or single-layer .PSD files

o Manage Photoshop-generated image versions

Compare & Select Tools

* Stacks

o Group sequences of shots together

o Automatically group bursts and bracketed shots

o Manually stack alternate shots

o Collapse entire shoots down to selects

* Full-screen workspace for comparing images

* View multiple images side-by-side

* Simultaneously zoom multiple images

* Compare Mode for selecting shots

* Digital Loupe tool for magnifying images

* Digital Light Table for organizing images and creating comp layouts


* ColorSync color managed output

* On-screen soft proofing

* Embed ColorSync and ICC profile data during file export

* Embed IPTC metadata during file export

* Expert local printing

o Images

o Customizable contact sheets

o Light Table comps

o Proofs

* Gamma adjustment

* Black point compensation

* Order color-managed prints online

* Integrated layout and authoring tools for web

* Integrated layout and authoring tools for books

* Fully customizable template library

* High-resolution book printing

* One-click .Mac web publishing

User Interface

* Professional interface designed for photographic work

* Color-neutral UI palette

* Adjustable background luminance

* Customizable window layouts

* Variable size thumbnails

* Heads-up displays, tools, and controls

* Full-screen mode for single or multiple displays


* Comprehensive IPTC and EXIF metadata support

* View, extract or add any metadata

* Define custom metadata sets

* Customize display of metadata throughout entire worfkflow

* Add metadata automatically to batches on import

* Embed IPTC metadata on export

* Powerful Query tool for searching, sorting and sifting

* Lift and Stamp tool for copying and pasting metadata

* EXIF Metadata Tags

* IPTC Metadata Tags

Pretty nice! I’ll be sure to get it when I’m ready for a new Powerbook.

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