Dane Gets Blogging Gig for AmEx

Dane is blogging the American Express OPEN Adventures in Entrepreneurship Conference. You gotta check this out. This is really cool. Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Records, Virgin Airways, Virgin Mobile, etc. etc.) will be there. Dane is blogging as part of an online discussion with Rob May of Business Pundit and Anita Cambell of Small Business Trends. Clay Shirky, an icon in the blogosphere, is the moderator. Dane explains a little about his role in the conference:

Business Opportunities Weblog: During the live portion of the conference, Sir Richard Branson will be interviewed by Jane Pauley, in Miami, Florida. Both Anita and Rob are there and are hoping to be able to ask him a question. Earlier this week, Anita and Rob queried their readers for input.

Following the live event, the three of us will spend the rest of the week responding to Branson???s talk and writing about a variety of entrepreneurship topics relevant to the theme of the event. Clay Shirky, a professor and blogging pioneer, will be serving as our moderator for the online discussion.

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