You Shouldn’t Be Reading This

Here’s a pretty funny list from over at 52 Projects of things you are not supposed to do. Strangely I find I do many of them before beginning a project.

52 Projects: “Today is the day you start your project.

Wake up. Make your coffee. Sit down. Get to work.

Now, it should be that simple. Wake up and get to work.

But there are many distractions. Mental and otherwise.

So this is NOT a to-do list. This is a not-to-do list. You don’t need to check anything off, because these are things YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO.

Do not check your email.

Do not go to

Do not decide to organize your cd rack.

Do not turn on the television.

Do not clip your nails.

Do not stare at your bald spot in the mirror and begin to calculate how much time your hair has left.

Do not start catching up on the DVDs that have arrived from Netflix.

Do not update your Netflix queue.

Do not Google all your Exes.

Do not Google yourself.”

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