How to Mess Up Your Workflow 101

I use multiple keyboards at my desk. I have to. One is for the PC, one is for the Mac, and the third is to the Linux server. Unfortunately I haven’t yet found a KVM that works with the linux server. To fit all this hardware (monitors, keyboards, towers, speakers, laptops, printers, and what not) into a usable workspace I constructed my desk out of two file cabinets, an old door (from a friend) and some computer desk parts from when I used to work at a furniture store. Quite ergonomic really.

Usually one keyboard sits on top of my desk and the keyboard I use the most rests in the pullout tray. Since I’ve now switched to my Mac full time I finally swapped the pc keyboard in the tray for the Mac keyboard.

Needless to say, I keep typing on the Mac keyboard and wondering why nothing is happening on the PC screen.

Yup, I’m a big, dumb animal folks.