Gas Woes Got You Down? Going Hybrid Might Be The Right Choice For You

Gas prices got you down? 50 miles to the gallons starting to sound reasonable to you? If you’re thinking about jumping on the hybrid bandwagon then there are a few things you should know. Take a look at this great story from Yahoo! Finanacial News that delves into the mystery behind hybrid vehicles.

Yahoo! Financial:When the first-generation Toyota Prius and the oddly styled, two-seat Honda Insight brought gasoline-electric hybrid engine technology to the United States, more than four years ago, skeptics wondered if this would be a quirky fad that would be popular among a few tree-huggers and then fade away.

After all, that’s what happened with all-electric vehicles such as the General Motors EV1 that appeared in the late 1990s and failed to sell.

But the skeptics were wrong. Hybrids have taken hold and are expected to be a part of the automotive landscape for at least the next decade and likely beyond.

Witness the announcement by Toyota, earlier this month, that it will add 10 hybrid cars to its lineup and plan”

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