Better Photography With DNG

My camera is almost always set on RAW format when I’m shooting. It’s what happens next that really makes the difference though. Rather than using Adobe’s connection software or I photo I use theAdobe DNG Converter to transfer my photos from my camera and save them in a specified folder.

What’s so special about DNG format? I guess you haven’t seen a DNG created image. DNG (Digital Negative) format was created to work around the proprietary formats camera manufacturers were creating. It’s non-destructive so it doesn’t harm the original file and will embed it in the DNG file if you tell it to. It’s archival quality so the photos come out fantastic. I think they give a sharper, crisper feel to the images, but that’s just my opinion.

You can read more about the DNG format and what you can do with it by visiting Adobe’s DNG page. The converter is free, all you need to be doing is shooting in RAW format.

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