Learning Digital Photography

I come from the old school. I learned how to shoot using film then, like everything, I was an early adopter of the digital format. As admin of a couple of different groups on Flickr I see a lot of photos that by following some simple photographic principles that have been around for years will greatly enhance the photos. Sean at cambridgeincolour.com has a great set of tutorials aimed at teaching anyone digital photography.

Sean: Photography is going through an exciting and often controversial transition period as many traditional film photographers are beginning to explore the new capabilities made possible with digital cameras. Traditional aspects such as the fundamental techniques and lens equipment have remained the same, however others are markedly different. Photographers using digital equipment now have previously unattainable control over noise levels, dynamic range and color accuracy. This is an exciting time to get involved with photography and digital imaging.

Imaging and digital photography software changes routinely, so these tutorials aim to emphasis key concepts over specific step by step procedures. They are also designed to be general enough that nearly any common editing software can be used

If you’re looking at making your photos better you need to check these tutorials out.

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