So I’ve been playing with the Microsoft PowerToys for WindowsXP and I’ve currently got the MSVDM (Microsoft Virtual Desktop Manager) going. It’s Microsofts odd way of trying to get Linux users. Personally, I don’t think having four desktops in Windows is any better than normal, except I don’t have Internet Explorer trying to consolidate all the windows I have open into one tab.

On this desktop my News Aggregator,on this one the post I’m currently working on, on this desktop I’ve got the window open to the Microsoft site where I pulled the link from and on the last desktop I have nothing.

I guess it’s cool. You get 5 buttons on the taskbar. One for each desktop and one that shows all four so you can choose. One of the other cool things is you can share the applications across all desktops, or not.  You can also choose individual desktop themes and backgrounds to lend a truly unique feel to each.