If it’s broke, buy a new one

Family Technical Support. Russell Beattie Notebook: Family Technical Support

I told my parents – sorta sarcastically – they ought to just go down to Walmart and get themselves a $300 PC that would be better than their Pre-USB Pentium II, 64Meg, 5 Gig Gateway they’ve had for quite a few years now. I’m sick of hearing about Windows 98 screwing up on them every other minute and complaints about it being “slow”. I’ve VNCed into that machine a dozen times but it’s impossible to clean out the cruft that’s been built up…

I hear you, man. Right now, I’m installing Mozilla on my Dad’s laptop. He’s 140 miles away, in Memphis. I’ve got an old PPro 200 sitting behind his Netgear MR314 wifi router running linux. I opened port 22 on the router, so I ssh into the linux box and tunnel vnc over that to control his machine.

[gammatron (phase ii)]

And so this seems to be a thing going around. I’ve experience the same problems myself over the past few weeks.