A Wi-Fi world!…

Tuning Into the Hype About Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi Internet access is popping up in all kinds of businesses, including fast-food restaurants and coffee shops. But do customers really want it? By Elisa Batista. [Wired News]

Hell yah we do! The problem with the article is, they assume Starbucks to be the model place for Wi-Fi. A better place would be an eating establishment where people go for lunch, dinner, or hang out with friends. Having been a geek for all my life, some of my most enjoyable times have been community surfing with friends or playing online games.

The other problem with the article is their understanding of Wi-Fi. Many of us have been wardriving/walking in the search for the holy grail of Wi-Fi, free access. Who wants to pay for T-Mobile’s overrated, overpriced service?