Don’t call me, I won’t call you…

Californians swamp anti-telemarketer site. Web surfers are flocking to a new site that lets residents in the state add their names and numbers to a national “do not call” list being compiled by the FTC. [CNET]

This would be because on average we get between 5 and 10 calls per day(!!!) from telemarketers. This weekend I received a call from a Sears telemarketer selling a credit notification service. After politely saying “no thank you” I hung up the phone to promptly pick it up with another person selling the same thing. At that point I became mad and someone got an ass chewing.

This law is great but not nearly stringent enough. If you’ve shown an interest in a product or a like product, or have purchased from a company, then the company has “implied consent” to call you.

Here’s a clue….don’t call me, I won’t call you.