Supporting our troops….

Chris Pirillo offers this suggestion on how we can do OUR part.

Operation Retarded Title. The troops are doing their job, but what about the rest of us? I say it’s time to launch Operation [Insert Retarded Title Here]. Our mission? To do our best to keep the peace at home – no matter where “home” happens to be. To help get you in the mood, I’ve uncovered this link to Patriotic Babes. Now all we need is a Retarded Title. Bonus points for euphemisms…. [C:\PIRILLO.EXE]

But wait! I’ve just noticed that all major wars had pin-up girls to raise the moral of US troops. Who do we have to offer as a pin-up girl? Britney Spears? Send me your ideas on who should be the pin-up girl of Gulf War II: The Search for that Dick-tator.