Gotta getcha war on….

And so it begins… That just sounds ominous doesn’t it? I figured I’d blog just that statement and then come in a couple of minutes later to add to it. Just incase you aggregated during that period. The President is due to speak in a few minutes. I’ve accessed my weblog from my laptop so…


Why does it take all my titles and put them in the Shortcuts folder in Radio?

Someone needs a battery backup….

Computer glitch causes drug mix-upKaiser Permanente officials have found two people in Northern California who received the wrong medications as a result of a computer glitch last week.About 4,700 Northern California patients were affected by the prescription mix-up after a power outage at the health care organization’s Southern California computer center caused labeling errors. Potential…

Of war, blogging, and journalism….

Phil was nice enough to send me a link to this yesterday. I think it is a very interesting piece. War on the WebThere’s a long-standing argument in the blog world about whether bloggers should be considered journalists….-Molly Wood [CNet]