As war with Iraq looms, we’ve come up with a way to combine the 2 things Americans love most, bar-b-que and war. Hence the name, war-b-que. How do you war-b-que you ask? It’s simple. Simply take the item of your choosing, can be anything, and throw it on the bar-b-que. Make sure you bar-b-que is on…

New laptop to shake up the “bigger is better” school of thought….

Saw this article on Rodent Regatta and ran over to Gizmodo (don’t know how I missed it). SAMSUNG’S AMAZING NEW LAPTOP. I have coveted a new Apple G4 Powerbook. For those who don’t want to relicense all of your software for… [Rodent Regatta] Then played follow the links over here to the article, specs, and…

A photo is worth a thousand rest stops….

Dave’s posted more pictures of the cross country trip. More pictures from the cross-country drive. [Scripting News] And, after looking at them I can honestly say, he’s perfecting the art of dashboard photography. ;>

World Wireless Web within 5 years?….

Errrrrck! Whoa! Hit the brakes! Read this! Pumping Life Into the Pay Phone. A pilot program in Canada is converting the telephone booth into a wireless Internet access point. Meanwhile, a Chinese company is developing public cell-phone charging stations that resemble pay phones. What does that leave for the humble pay phone? By Elisa Batista….