Let’s try this again

It’s been a while since I tried the OPML editor, an outliner, created by Dave Winer.

Back when I first got into blogging I used Dane Carlson got me into using Radio from Userland.

I love it! It was a great app. It did everything I wanted it too.

It allowed me to not only blog but to read RSS feeds from other people’s blogs.

That’s why the recent developments Dave has been making in the OPML editor and integrating the browser based River2 feed reader have me trying his OPML editor again.

It’s nice because it now offers the ability to post to Twitter or WordPress from the OPML editor.

Like this one! See? All that just to tell you I was test posting from the OPML editor. Hello world.

In addendum: Well! That worked and I like the results a lot.

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