Drug Manufacturers Ask Parents Not to Use OTC Meds for Kids

For almost 60 years drug makers have been touting the safety of their over-the-counter medicines for kids but now suddenly, when prescription medications are at their highest, they’re not safe anymore.

washingtonpost.com: “The makers of cold and cough medications announced yesterday they are voluntarily warning parents not to give their products to children younger than 4, a move negotiated in private with federal drug regulators over the past six months.

Medications with the new warning labels will appear in stores and pharmacies immediately, though experts continue to debate at what age the over-the-counter remedies may be safe and effective. The new labels also advise against using antihistamines to sedate youngsters.

Last winter, the companies agreed to discourage the use of the products in children younger than 2.

Each year, drug companies sell 95 million packs of pediatric cold medicine, generating about $300 million in revenue. More than 7,000 children are rushed to hospitals annually because of adverse reactions, primarily the result of accidental overdoses. The most common complications include hives, dizziness and difficulty breathing.”

Lets do the math people…95 million x $100 per prescription medication. Does this not reek of a scam? I think the drug manufacturers are pulling a fast one and they’ve even got the FDA hoodwinked into believing it.

“Common complications include hives, dizziness and difficulty breathing.” Have you ever watched one of the TV commercials for medicines now days? One commercial for a diabetes medicine promises to keep your insulin under control but warns it shouldn’t be used to treat diabetes, the malady it’s being sold to treat. Its side effects include dizziness, nausea, nose bleeds, loss of vision and in some cases…death.

I smell a rat.


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