Removable Tattoos? We’re Not Talking Kid Stuff Here

A New York company has developed what they hope to be the next generation tattoo ink that makes the popular body embellishment removable with only 1 laster treatment instead of the current 6-7.

Discovery News: The process starts with pigments free of heavy metals and other toxins that can induce an allergic reaction or produce other health problem in some people. Clear plastic beads encapsulate the pigments, and are mixed in a solution so tattoo artists can use the pigments the same way they would use ink.

“The pigment is homogenously dispersed in the capsule to get the right color,” said the microcapsule developer, Edith Mathiowitz, a professor of medical science and engineering at Brown University in Providence, R.I.

Once the tattoo is etched into the skin, the design is permanent. But unlike conventional tattoos, a Freedom-2 tattoo can be removed with a single laser treatment.

The laser bursts open the microscopic beads so the tiny particles of dye can be absorbed and removed naturally by the body’s immune system. Regular tattoos require six or seven laser treatments to break down the various colors of ink.