Assemblyman Wants Investigation of Link Between Sonograms and Autism

A New Jersey assemblyman is asking the state legislature of New Jersey to look into a possible link between sonograms and autism. The Assemblyman cites a recent study that showed sonograms have the ability to move certain brain cells that are commonly associated with the disorder.

Daily Record: “Assemblyman Joe Pennacchio, R-Montville, introduced legislation Monday that would direct the state Department of Health to investigate the possible relationship of sonograms to the increased incidences of autism. Pennacchio’s bill, A-3669 also directs the Commissioner of Health to work in conjunction with various medical groups to begin to develop a protocol for the usage of sonograms on expectant mothers.

The Assemblyman cited various scientific, published studies that show a displacement of brain cells associated with autistic children and the ability of sonograms to displace those cells. Two neuroscientists, Dr. Philip A. DeFina, and Dr. Sandlin Lowe, both of the New York University School of Medicine’s Brain Research Laboratories and the International Brain Research Foundation, have been working closely with the Assemblyman on this issue.

‘The evidence that these doctors have presented to me shows that the unwarranted effects of sonogram use and its possible link to autism certainly warrants further investigation,’ said Pennacchio.”