Got Some Friends? Form Your Own Political Party

Ask Yahoo! posted a question today from reader Terri in California, “How can I form my own political party?” Interestingly enough we were discussing our disdain with the current two parties that have dominance over dinner last night listening to the barrage of political solicitations every 2 minutes on the answering machine. Here is the answer from Yahoo:

Yahoo: “, explains that ‘nearly all practical matters related to American elections are handled on the State level, including the formation of parties.’ We headed over to California’s Department of Elections to see how it’s done in your home state.

Apparently the process of qualifying as a recognized third party is designed to test your resolve as well as gauge the public’s interest in your platform. To qualify a new party by registration requires that one percent of last election’s voters complete an ‘affidavit of registration, on which they have written in the proposed party name as the party they affiliate with.’ To qualify a new political party by petition requires that 10 percent of last election’s voters ‘sign a petition seeking the inclusion of the proposed party in the party nominating process.'”

I guess the real answer is “it’s pretty much impossible to form a new political party.”