Games and Movies Not Synching to Your 5G iPod, Here’s Your Fix

So if you’ve got a 5th generation iPod (one with the pretty color screen) and you’re having problems syching the new games and movies (you’ve already checked the tab of the preferences to see that synching games and movies is enables) offered by Apple here is your fix:

Before we begin understand that everything on your iPod is going to be erased. Ok, if you’re cool with that lets proceed.

1) Open iTunes and connect your iPod. Make sure you have iTunes 7 (newest).
2) Select your iPod from the menu at left after it shows up.
3) Go to the “SUMMARY” tab (all ipod preferences formerly in the preferences menu have been moved here).
4) In the gray section where it says “Version” if the update option (meaning you’ve already got 1.2 installed) is not highlighted and you’re not able to see or use the games or videos click “Restore”. You’ll receive a dialog warning you that you’re resetting your iPod to factory specs and installing the latest software on it.
5) Once you click ok the iPod will wipe all data and install the latest software.
6) Your iPod will restart and show up on the left column of iTunes again and begin synching your music, videos, movies, songs,etc. Be sure you go through the tabs on the iPod preferences (clicking on your iPod in the left column) and select what you want to synch. Only unplayed podcasts and tv shows synch by default.