10 Things You Should Know About Ubuntu That Your Mother Never Taught You

As many of you know for some months I’ve been running a server using Ubuntu Linux to test webdesigns on an old computer in my house. I’d tried Mandrake and Red Hat but in the end Ubuntu appeared to have the ease of use and robust features I wanted. Graphical interface, easy configuration, easy install, solid backend, easy to maintain and upgrade. It’s so easy, in fact, that I recommend it to anyone wanting to get their feet wet with Linux or those who just want to put together an inexpensive machine for surfing the web and writing email.

Today over at Linux.com there’s a great article with 10 tips for Ubuntu users that’s a must read if you’re thinking about setting up an Ubuntu box or you’ve already got one running. The article shows you everything from getting multimedia to work (traditionally a PITA on a Linux system) to upgrading the kernel. Definitely worth a read.