BloggerCon IV is coming to SF!

Looks like Dave is ready for BloggerCon IV and it’s going to be in the Bay Area again which means I’ll be attending. Tentatively the date is scheduled for June 19th but may change. If you haven’t been to one I suggest going. It’s a lot of fun and very eye opening. Dane from and I attended the one at Stanford and it was awesome. The goal of the conference is to bring together people who wish to talk about the art and science of blogging, podcasting, video, syndication, unconferences, and related topics. Contexts for discussion will include politics, academia, libraries, publishing, and… ?

Every session will have a discussion leader and a topic, the goal is to share what we know, and create opportunities for innovation. The standards of previous BloggerCons will be practiced. No audience, speakers or panels. There will be one session on business models, which will be off-topic in every other session. (We’ve noted if this rule isn’t stated up front, some people like to discuss this topic in every session.)

The purpose of the conversation is to create community in areas of technical interest, and in areas of professional interest. This can be seen as a conference of librarians and a conference of political bloggers, and a place where the various interests can meet and inform each other. With increasing interest in the idea of unconferneces itself we will try to have some portion of the conference be about unconferences, if we can handle that much recursion.

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