Let’s Talk About Ecto

I got a comment on my development blog from Adriaan, developer of Ecto so I had to go give it a shot. So what do I think? Awesome. Truly awesome!

Ecto is a full featured, desktop based editor for Mac or PC that lets you write drafts, save them, then publish them when you’re ready using either HTML or richtext.

At the moment I’ve only tested the Mac version but let’s go ahead and talk about what I’ve seen. Ecto comes with iTunes and iPhoto integration for you Mac users and offers features such as word count, integrated Amazon searching through keywords, editable templates, attachments, and scriptability on the Mac. It also has integrated the notification system so you can notify contacts easily.

The interface is clean and easy to use with intuitive navigation. That means even first time bloggers will find Ecto as easy as pie to use. For those of you that like to hack and tweak your environment to get it ???just so??? there’s custom tags you can add to specify formatting on you blog and the interface itself is totally customizable.

At only $17.95 (at the time of this writing) it’s a steal. Check Ecto out today.

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