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Ok. There’s one thing I don’t like about the MSVDM (Microsoft Virtual Desktop Manager). If you have Internet Explorer open in multiple desktops and you close it in one of the desktops it closes on ALL the desktops. How stupid is that?

On the other side. I am really enjoying using it. I wish they had it for Win2k. It would make staying organized at work easier.

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  1. Being an older person I am pleased with the concept of MSVDM and would like to keep using it. As I load lots of rubbish into my computer and would like to keep the shortcuts for different activities in different windows.When I started the programme all the shortcuts transferred to the four windows.I then tried deleting the shortcuts in Window4 which also deleted the same shortcuts in the other three windows.I have tried to stop this and make the windows independent. Do you think you could help a doddery old fool like myself solve this problem? It is probably something quite simple but to now I have been unable to sort it out. Any suggestions would be met with great joy and gratitude before I lose all my shortcuts experimenting.Very many thanks in anticipation. Yours sincerely Ian.

  2. Ian:

    Right-click on the green window button, and uncheck “Shared Desktops”. Then all four workspaces will be separate — except for the above-noted IE bug.

    This works much better in Linux … and it’s free!

  3. I agree with Johnny: the multiple desktop interface usually shipped with Linux systems works much better. I’ve been using Linux at home for some years and I’m an addict to multiple desktops, just can’t work without them. At my office I have to use Windows XP instead, and fortunately there it is MSVDM in spite of its painfully slower desktop switchings and that “vanishing explorer” flaw (it’s funny, I’ve come to this site while looking for a solution for that… just to find I’m not alone).

    Best regards.

  4. I happen to like the MSVDM but it has one huge flaw. it must be displayed in your task bar to be used. I tried floating it and then sticking it to the top of my screen. You can do that but the keyboard shortcuts won’t work.

    One thing that linux has that windows dosn’t yet is locking the window to a particular desktop, and the “send to desktop feature.” without “send to desktop” it looses a lot of it’s usefullness.

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