Building the perfect beast (Don Henly album reference)….

I want to trade my Gameboy Advance for a GP32.. It comes out the box with an English manual, a PC link cable, the GP32 uses PC smartMedia as its Hard disk and has 8meg of internal ram + its (upgradeable) OS, a USB port, a large hires screen (which is SO much better than the GBA one), two stereo speakers (one on each side), a joypad and 6 buttons (4 on front and 2 shoulder buttons), a 3v in socket, a headphone socket, volume control, battery compartment (2xAA for 10-14 hours) & an EXT out port which allows you to do many things including using the gp32 on your TV or for wireless multiplayer… [0xDECAFBAD]

So I traced the links until I got here. This little puppy appears to be the perfect game system. It plays everyones games and it’s expandable, wireless, and with a big screen. Even has a Win type OS!