Let’s hope they don’t notice….

As a hiker, backpacker, fly fisherman, and outdoors man I maintain vigilance with the world around me. Unspoiled land and habitat may be the savior of the human race. Even now pond-slime in an English bog has yielded a possible cure for AIDS. So when I see things like this it makes me stop and think.

Another Bad Bush Administration Announcement For America’s Environment
It’s TGIF for the Bush administration.  Now that Friday has rolled around,they can announce their latest plans for America’s environment, safe in the knowledge that it will attract the minimum amount of scrutiny from the press and public. Today, a decision that paves the way for logging in America’s largest rainforest, the Tongass National Forest in Alaska.  The U.S. Forest Service is expected to deny Wilderness protections for as much as 9 million acres of rainforest, lands that the government itself has categorized as being pristine and free of roads.[SierraClub]

The scariest part of the whole article is something I’ve been noticing myself. Carl Pope, Sierra Club President points out how the current administration continues it’s policy of “public ignorance is political bliss” (let’s make that bold shall we?).

“By slipping controversial proposals in under the radar, the administration seeks to accomplish their goals quickly and quietly, without full public knowledge, public debate or public consent.”

Fridays and holidays are typically times when the public is distracted.

Think about it, what did YOU read in the news yesterday? Can you remember? Exactly.