Buying for Baby

This weekend we picked up a stroller with an infant car seat for the new baby and a new mattress for the crib that my oldest son had been sleeping in. He has a new “big boy” bed. Picking a quality stroller/infant car seat combo was the hardest part though. Most of the reviews are from 5 years ago. I find that INCREDIBLE considering how big the market is and how much things have changed in 5 years.

We ended up getting the Evenflow Aura Sierra from Target. It’s very similar to the one we used 5 years ago when Zac was a baby. The major selling points were, and I’ve tested and used it before so you can trust me, it’s incredibly easy to collapse with 1 hand (because the baby is in the other), it’s easy to unfold, and the Z shaped hand is uber comfortable.

We looked at the more expensive systems (*cough*chicco) and I didn’t see the a significant difference in quality or easy of use. In fact I thought it was MORE difficult. So we’re using the Evenflow.

Hey it works. Does what it’s supposed to and does it good. That’s good enough for me.

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