SBC? Are you listening?

I really like my DSL service. I’ve never had any problems and I’ve been a major evangelist for DSL over cable. But this morning, the straw broke the camels back. Here’s a copy of the email I sent to SBC.

“This morning my dsl modem ceased to function. I quickly went through troubleshooting procedures to make sure it couldn’t be anything else. No lights on the modem at all when plugged into a number of different sockets and, using an old dsl modem I had from a previous service provider, I was able to re-establish connection to the internet.

I looked up the proper procedures online and found that my modem may not be under warranty anymore. I called the SBC 877 number, talked to representative Natasha who also ran me through the troubleshooting procedures then looked up my account to see if she’d be able to send me a modem. According to her records, even though I’m still under contract, the modem isn’t warrantied anymore. Much to my chagrin, I would have to purchase a new modem from the SBC store.

Why should I continue to pay my bill and be under contract for service I’m not receiving?

I’ve always valued doing business with SBC in the past and have even recommended SBC DSL over Comcast cable internet. This situation, however, is making me rethink my decision.”

What do I want? I want good customer service and support. I want them to make good and send a new DSL modem. There is no way I’m going to pay for a service I can’t use and in my eyes you should be supplied a modem for the life of your contract.

How much faster is cable again?

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  1. Having to purchase a new modem is a little ridiculous. I am still using the original modem that received when I first got DSL 7 years ago. Pacbell tried to replace it once, but the replacement wouldn’t work.

    My biggest problem is with the lines and wet weather. During the winter, my connection will drop a couple times a week. But restarting the modem and dis/reconnecting the line does the trick. Pacbell/SBC have been out a couple of times to work on the lines and things are better than they were a few years ago (daily drops). But it is far from perfect.

    I hope that SBC gets their act together and helps you out of your current bind.

  2. I’ve always liked Cable over DSL, and recently they’ve been bumping speeds up. My download speeds are at abour 4 megs now. And I believe that most cable companies allow you to “rent” the cable modem. Recently when I started having problems with my cable, I called up Comcast and they sent out somebody with a new cable modem to replace the old one. When I use Insight BB at school, they only let you purchase a new cable modem, but the total cost is less than ten dollars.

    Go for cable. DSL is much too slow.

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