Zach Braff Auctions Garden State Stuff For Tsunami Victims

One of the coolest blogs I’ve found doing something even cooler.

Zach Braff’s Garden State Blog: I have donated one of Natalie’s main costumes from the movie along with the “Red Gas Nozzle” that my character finds in the gas tank of his car to a charity auction on ebay. The charity benefits the victims of the Tsunami through UNICEF. I realize the auction is a bit steep for many of you, but if you know anyone who can afford to contribute to this important cause, please let them know about it.

You can find the auction by clicking on this link HERE, or by going to ebay and entering the keywords “Tsunami Benefit Peapod”.

As we say in New Jersey, “Thank You”


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  1. yo what up zach i have recently joined your website with my interest in your film goin further then just wacthing it so i decided to do a little reasearch about it. Just wanted to tell you i thought it was a great movie and ive bragged about to everyone ive sat down with latly. continue to make great films.

    mark morrison

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