At work, RAW is king. The first time I ever opened a RAW file in PhotoshopCS I was floorer. “OMG. It’s like taking the picture again.” As it should be.

Photoshop’s RAW interface gives you soooooo many options when it comes to manipulating RAW files it literally puts you back behind the camera….but not so with Nikon’s proprietary NEF files. Not only does Photoshop not recognize the file type if you don’t have the plugin installed, but the plugin eliminates all but a few basic RAW options. It gives you a few basic “white balance” options and and exposure compensation slider. The histograms, color layers, brightness and contrast settings; everything that makes the RAW palette great are gone.

Does Nikon really think we’re idiots and don’t know how to use Photoshop and RAW format that we need an “idiot” palette? We must be having spent $799 on PhotoshopCS and then another $1299 on their camera.

Give us back our RAW, please.