Christmas Don’t Pass Me By

I used to really enjoy the holiday season. Of course, I worked in retail and the holiday season started in August. Since we’ve moved out of retail and on with our professional lives it seems like Christmas time is here quicker and passes faster and faster each year. So this year, I’m making an effort not to let it pass me by unnoticed.

Yesterday I loaded up the car and we went over to our favorite rural lot an picked up a beautiful, beautiful noble fir (my favoirte). I think this is the earliest we’ve ever gotten a Christmas tree and I have to admit, shopping early has it’s advantages. The prices were still good, the trees weren’t over shopped, and there were a lot of beautiful, good quality trees.

The other thing is Christmas music. I was sooooo burnt-out on Christmas music that listening to it in mi casa wasn’t even an option. Blech! 14-19 hours a day of Christmas music since August? Inconceivable. But this year, I’m actually thinking about adding a couple of ol’ crooners Christmas stuff to my collection.

iTunes has Frank Sinatra’s Christmas album which sounds really good. It doesn’t say if it’s been digitally remastered or not but the clarity and sound are fabulous. Alos on the list are Nat King Cole (to replace a lost CD), and Bing Crosby.

If you have any favorites you’d like to suggest feel free to post a comment, email me (loydatdailythingdotcom) or aim me (thecmpnguy).