How To: Screencapture from Terminal in OS X Screenshot Hacks for Mac OS X The Terminal application comes with a command-line screen capture utility known as screencapture. This utility provides capabilities similar to those of Grab. To use it, invoke the Terminal window and type screencapture to see the various options supported: screencapture screencapture: illegal usage, file required if not going to…

ssh Screencapture on a Mac

Is it possible to ssh into a Mac, do the screencapture command in terminal and route it to a mounted drive without alerting the user what transpired?

I Love My Monkey

Anyone out there draw really good? I could use a picture of a monkey drinking coffee to put on a shirt with the phrase, “I love this monkey.” Of course, the monkey picture would be on your back. 😉

Step Into My Office

Hi Joe. Please, come in, sit down. (closes office door). Yeeea-aah. I’ve been meaning to speak to you about your links. It seems we’ve been noticing you haven’t been posting as many as before. We’re going to need to ask you to stop having a life. Ummmm-kay? Good. Glad we got that settled. (standing up…