Too Much Information

I posted an article over on Yosemite Blog this morning from a major newspaper in the Los Angeles area.

Like many publications that make their information available on the web they’ve instituted a “registration for content” policy, a great way to collect marketing information about their readership. From a marketing point of view, of course.

From a personal point of view, I feel like I’ve been raped. No kidding. I feel violated.

I don’t mind supplying personal information if I’m planning on frequenting the site. But to require me to submit my household income and my phone number just so I can read the article online? I don’t want, nor need, more telemarketers calling me for services I really don’t care about no do I need to be fit me into some demographic based on my income so you can shoot product solicitations my way. I work hard for a living. I don’t need it.

The (not-so) funny thing is, it probably would have just passed under my radar as an “oh, well. wtf” if the site hadn’t tried to open 4 windows with pop-under ads (assuring I’ll never visit the site again).

I know a lot of sites, some I frequent a great deal, ask for registration now. I also know you can get by and still get your demographic information by asking me simply for my name, zipcode, year of birth and gender.

You dont’t need my street address. I don’t want you sending me anything in the mail.
You don”t need my phone number. I don’t want you calling me.
You don’t need to know how much I made last year. That’s for me to know and the IRS to guess.

This concludes our rant for the day. Thank you.

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