Dane just posted this. We were discussing this during lunch at Bloggercon and now it seems weblogs are probably going to be denied ISSN numbers.

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No More ISSN For Weblogs!?

issn-logo.gifRobert Raketty has had his request for an ISSN number for his weblog, Seattle Blogger, put on hold while the International ISSN Network decides whether or not to give ISSN numbers to weblogs.

From the rejection letter:

The assignment of ISSN to Weblogs and/or sites utilizing Weblog technology is under discussion by the International ISSN Network. One issue relates to the scope of ISSN coverage. Another very important issue is whether the limited staff resources of ISSN centers worldwide can accomodate the volume of additional requests. A working group is currently examining these issues as part of the ISSN revision process.

This can’t be right! It sounds to me like they want to exclude a huge revolution in publishing just because they don’t have enough manpower.