What To Do Now That The Election Is Over

So the democrats lost the election. What are you going to do for the next 4 years? Hide under your bed?

This is your call to become a watchdog of the Bush administration. If you don’t like what they’re doing, speak out. Write a letter to your congress person, senator, and even the President himself. Let them know that not EVERYONE wants their agenda. Write letters until your fingers get tired of typing.

Join a service organization. Join something with clout and lawyers that will help you to express your views and work within the system. Organizations like the Sierra Club fought hard through the Reagan years to prevent republican rulers from running roughshod over the environment.

Begin planning your political strategy. In 2 years there will be another election in which you party could take back seats in the house or senate.

Stop your whining, get off your ass, and do something constructive.