Post Blogger Con Melt Down

Pshew! It’s over and it’s been a long day. The drive over, the sessions, the people, the drive home; it all adds up to one long day.


  • Dane made an interesting observation and I have to say, I concur, Mac’s accounted for the majority of the laptops. One guy even had two.
  • The wifi connection was (just) OK. It was really hard to stay connected during the more popular sessions. I had to help two guys get online and then it was a fight to stay online. I’d like to know what the max clients for the wifi system was because I”m sure we exceeded it.
  • The session hosts were great. Lots of fun.
  • Seeing Dave Winer get riled was a hoot! (jk)
  • Lots of new friends.

All in all it was a great time. Lots of fun and Stanford was an awesome place to have it. Thanks to Dave for all his hard work putting it together and to the sponsors who, through their generous donations, provided us with an outstanding lunch.

Thank you again everyone.