Post Blogger Con Melt Down

Pshew! It’s over and it’s been a long day. The drive over, the sessions, the people, the drive home; it all adds up to one long day. Recap: Dane made an interesting observation and I have to say, I concur, Mac’s accounted for the majority of the laptops. One guy even had two. The wifi…

Doing Political Bloggging the OTHER Way

Jay Rosen just suggested we get the highest level politician to blog. Not someone else, but the candidate themself. A whole can of worms has been opened up and everyone is commenting. NICE!

Ed Cone: Election 2004 at Blogger Con

Ed Cone is starting the Election 2004 section at Blogger Con. It’s not a rant fest between bloggers about who won and who didn’t but more it’s on the role weblogs took in this previous election.

Blogger Con: A Learning Experience

Dane and I had lunch with two very interesting bloggers. One publishes a very basic personal blog with very little syndication from other blogs while the others has a great blog full of information and pictures. Even though our blogs vary in their scope and methods of creation, we had some great conversations over lunch….

Live from Bloggercon

It’s the break at bloggercon before Adam Curry’s Podcasting session and the place is packed. If you get the chance to go to Bloggercon then I recommend you definitely take it. Awesome. More to come.

Blogger Con Notes Part 1

Good morning! It is 4:56am, Saturday November the 6th. Today is Blogger Con. In just a litle bit I’m going to head over to get Dane Carlson, then we’re off to Palo Alto. It’s going to be a fun morning. Apple just pushed a 13mb upgrade for OS X to OS X 10.3.6 so everyone…