The 3 Little Idiots

Tonight I wanted to pick up another battery for my Powerbook just to make sure I had enough juice for Bloggercon on Saturday so my wife and I went to a major computer retail outlet who has pretty much cornered the Mac market in this one horse town. Seeing as I’m about to rant about how bad their customer service and employee training is I’ll refrain from pointing fingers. No I won’t, it was Compusa. What a bunch of idiots.

This is not the first time I’ve been in that store nor is it the first time I’ve received lousy service but it will definitely be the last.

After waiting in the Apple section of the store for several minutes and being ignored by all the salespeople because I wasn’t touching a $3000 overpriced HP I finally managed to grab a guy walking by, “Hi. I need to get a battery for a Mac. Do you know if you have any?”

“Uhhh…” blank stare.

“It’s for the 12″ powerbook,” I said.

“Right…” blank stare. At this point the salesman (aka Idiot #1) slinks towards the back where a gentleman dressed in a nice shirt is exiting.

“Management,” I though.

“Powerbook batteries?” the salesman (Idiot #1 remember) asked the other gentleman (hereafter known as Idiot #2).

“Right there,” Idiot #2 (management) says pointing at a shelf right in front of me. Having spent many hours in this section over the past few months I knew where everything was and didn’t remember seeing any Powerbook batteries. He walks over and picks up a box off the shelf to which he and Idiot #1 start looking for anything saying it’s for the 12″.

“Isn’t that the power adapter?” I say noting it says “Apple Mobile Power Adapter” right on the box with a picture on back.

“Oh yeah!” Idiot #2 says. “They all look the same. I need shiny pictures to tell what they are.” he says chucking.

“There used to be a sign that said they were in back,” I commented noting that I’d been here on more than one occasion.

“We don’t keep anything in back,” remarks Idiot #2 as Idiot #1 continues scouring the boxes of DVD-R’s for a battery. “I can order you one if you like, take 2 weeks.”

“Sorry, won’t do me any good. Need it by Saturday. Thanks. I’ll just go to the Apple store.”

“The what?” asks Idiot #2.

“The Apple store.”

Seeing a potential customer walking in front of a bunch of other customers he calls out quickly, “They won’t have it either.”

I stopped and just turned to look at him, “Riiiiight.”

So tomorrow night we’re taking a short car ride to the Apple store in Pleasanton, my first visit to an Apple store.

Exciting. Fun. LOT’S OF TOYS. Calm…breathe….breathe…calm…deep breaths…relax.

One thing I’m sure of, I won’t be seeing Idiot #1 and Idiot #2 there as they don’t even know what The Apple Store is and I for sure won’t be spending any money at that other place anymore.

If anyone at Apple with any clout is reading this, pull your product from Compusa. Their customer disservice makes your product look bad. Besides, they’re walking people away from the Mac’s to the HP’s because (as I heard Idiot #3 say) “they’re better than a Mac”.