I found a widget, tonight, that had just been added for Konfabulator and allowed you to check your Gmail. Not a new idea but the approach was a little different. This widget uses Gmail’s atom feeds to offer you a small preview of the email messages in your account. Pretty cool but so far the atom feed doesn’t list things you have sorted only what’s still residing in your Inbox itself.

So, I’m still looking for something that will tell me when I have Gmail even if it is sorted into a folder and how many I have. One criteria I have is that it must work independently of a browser so something that resides in the bar or works via Konfabulator is better. Oh, btw, if you haven’t visited the Konfabulator site recently I suggest you do. It appears they’re counting down until the release of something big. Could it be the PC version? Let’s hope so. 😉

Oh! for the record the Gmail checker widget works pretty damn good. Kudos to Matthew Lewinski.