Slow Going

Slow going this week. Picked up a bug at the end of vacation from the kid so I’m moving at turtle speed until the Nyquil filters out of the system. Nyquil is a godsend for cold sufferers, by the way. Unfortunately the alcohol content seems to have the affect all alcohol has on me, puts…

Wut dat?

Psst! Hey! Hey you! Yeah. You. Look at the sidebar. There’s stuff over there, too. Why are you reading this in your aggregator? You don’t know what you’re missing.

Ooops we did it again

Remember: The United States has a history of turning over countries to people who later become our enemies. Good job, G W. We know YOU chose wisely. To quote Bill Murray in Ghostbusters2: It’s an election year. Shouldn’t you be kissing my ass or something? God I LOVE that quote.

Do you realize

Do you realize 2/3 of the oceans surface is covered by water? Do you realize that 99% of the land covered by water is being subverted for human use? What are we doing wrong?

It’s not hard to find us

So I’ve been watching to see what was going on with this. Did you know that if you enter “coffee” in the field and hit the button it’ll take you here? Very cool, huh? I’d like to suggest a page with all the keywords (read: generate from the database) so we know what else we…


Back from vacation and I thought I’d start you off kind of easy with this great feed to subscribe to: Magnitude 2.5+ Earthquakes (World Wide) from USGS There’s also a feed for the past 7 days and one for magnitude 5+ earthquakes.

One More Reason to Own a Dog

Dogs can sense impending epileptic fits! A study conducted by Canadian researchers has revealed that dogs can sense when a child is about to have an epileptic fit.

A Call for Help

There’s still some time and you could help. A recent fire destroyed the playground and excercise equipment at John J. McFall School. The school, which serves 80 youngsters from ages 3 to 5 with autism and other physical and developmental disabilities, is not sure if/when it will be able to replace the equipment. “Gone. All…

Paging Mr. Trott. Mr. Benjamin Trott.

Ummmm Ben? You’ve got great content and your site really shows you and Mena as people. In fact, I’m more willing to spend money on your products in the future having read your site. The whole “we’re not a faceless corporate entity” thing ya’ know. Think ya’ can add an Atom or RSS feed so…