Doesn’t do what???

Adam Curry: “However, if I want to subscribe to a weblog hosted by Google (blogger sites) or hosted on a MoveableType setup, I can’t. I need to use a second aggregator for the Atom feeds, or I need to ask the developer of my current news aggregator add support for Atom. Why should I have…

Welcome to Lag City

So it turns out the problems that have been plagueing my network are apparantley caused by a couple of degraded Cat5e 10/100 cables I have strung around the upper perimeter of the room from the router to my desktop. If I run a cable directly from my router to my pc or my Mac I’m…

WiFi Maps

Dane pointed me at WiFi a few days ago and I totally forgot to post it. Very cool if you intend on traveling. The maps show where the wireless network was received by the person who posted it to the web, not where the actual AP (access point) is located. Tres cool sirs.

Damn Hot

While some parts of the country are experiencing snow and winter weather, here in the Heart of California we’re currently baking in 90+ temperatures. It’s great if you revel in misery or you’re from a cooler climate but to those of us who’ve lived here our entire life it’s an ominous warning of things to…

Wouldn’t You Know It

It’s been little more than a year since we set up our home wireless network and wouldn’t ya’ know it, the router had decided to take a dirt nap. It would have been nicer if it had went out all in one fell swoop but no, it decided to take it’s time. The new one…

Put the Can Down!

NY Times: Study Links Child Obesity and Soft Drinks. [NY Times free registration required]. Interesting. So there is some merit to something I’ve been saying for a LONG time. I don’t think the individual soft drink hurts but we’re so incline to drink multiples without realizing.

Burglar Caught Stealing Coffee

Yahoo! News: A man used a video camera to record his apartment being burglarized, apparently by a neighbor’s friend intent only on stealing coffee and creamer. You can take my car. You can take my money. You can sleep with my wife. But, DON’T TOUCH MY COFFEE!