Potty Training

Oye! Not something I’ve looked forward too. My son just took his first pee in the potty chair albeit with a little help from my wife. CAN’T WAIT for his first poop. LOVELY. *do you see the sarcasm in this post? i hope you do*

Looking Into the Soul of a Man

Saw this article from the Guardian Unlimited Film on Stanley Kubrick featured this morning on MeFi. Very, very interesting reading. Here’s an excerpt: Tony takes me into a large room painted blue and filled with books. “This used to be the cinema,” he says. “Is it the library now?” I ask. “Look closer at the…

Working Weekend

I’m actually working on one of my other sites this weekend. The idea is very appealing because it gives me an outlet to write about a topic I know quite a bit about. Don’t worry though. I’ll take some time to get some sunshine.

Weekend Bloggers

Joe’sWeekend Mode is very interesting. Think I like the list format better though. I like the idea of being able to click through links….but that’s just me. Glad to see some people are innovative. Pretty awesome Joe.