Virus Protection

One simple and easy way to protect yourself from the constant stream of viruses floating around the internet is quite obvious. Don’t use Windows. This message brought to you by the People Who Use Mac’s and the number 16. Don’t ask me why the number 16, I just thought it sounded cool.

Tree Huggers Unite

th3ph17’s getting to be a pretty good blogger (no offense man!). Found this little tidbit while looking through this Brainfood. UK-Secret village to be pulled down Councillors have ordered that the residents of a secret commune in a national park are to be evicted and their homes bulldozed. [BBC]

Daylight Savings Time

While setting up my daily calendar and planning a fishing trip (set to take place in the near future) I came to the realization this year that daylight savings time ends on Halloween this year. Bah! One hour less for trick-or-treatin’ with the boy.