Yahoo! Adds RSS Aggregation to Home Page (beta)

Saw this over at The Shifted Librarian:

My Yahoo Beta Tests RSS Feeds

Everyone is buzzing about the fact that Yahoo is beta testing the addition of any RSS feed to it’s My Yahoo portal, a move that may signal an inroad to the mainstream. I didn’t want to comment on this until I had a chance to play with it; today I had that chance. Here are some of my observations.

Testing…hmmm…it has possibilities. Now how do we teach the people who use the Yahoo! homepage what an RSS feed is and why they should use it.

Personally I’d very rarely use it. There are plenty of easy programs running in the familiar Office styled interface I’d recommend first. Might have it’s uses for traveling or if you have a linkblog like most of us have now. But it’s very limited at the moment and like the comments over at The Shifted Librarian, you’re limited to 10 articles. Most of the sites I read on a read on a regular basis update much more than that.