It’s the Stupid Ones that Get Caught

Alright kiddies. Latest hoax going around to steal your credit card number and personal information. This is the ACTUAL email. If you get this, delete it. Got it?

REMEMBER: Never give out creditcard or personal information online, especially through email. Be sure you’re using the SECURE page while shopping. Pay special attention to all the misspellings.

Dear OnlineCitibank Mebmers,

This message was sent by the Citicard sevrer to veerify your e-mail
adress. You must clopetme this porescs by clicking on the link
below and enntering in the smmall window your Citi ATM/Debit
full Card number and PiN that you use on local Atm.
This is donne for your poretction -j- becouse some of our memebrs no
loengr have acsces to their email adssdeers and we must verify it.

To veerify your e-mail adderss and access your Citi-Bank account, click on
the link below. If nothing happens when you clik on the link -8 copye
and passte the link into the adress bar of your web broswer.

— ——————————————-
Thank you for using Citicard!