Where’s the Beef?

Rant time. I know some people are gonna disagree with me and I might make some people angry, but I miss the days when the government regulated the utility industry. Why? you ask. Last months gas bill. It seems they’re allowed to charge more during peak usage periods. That’s like McDonalds telling you the $0.99…

Yahoo! Adds RSS Aggregation to Home Page (beta)

Saw this over at The Shifted Librarian: My Yahoo Beta Tests RSS Feeds Everyone is buzzing about the fact that Yahoo is beta testing the addition of any RSS feed to it’s My Yahoo portal, a move that may signal an inroad to the mainstream. I didn’t want to comment on this until I had…

Lookout Here Comes Trouble

Nearly 7 years after beginning his first personal publication online The Phil, formerly of Cultfiction.com notoriety, has returned with his first foray into personal blogification . Not a bad start if I do say so myself. Nice to get the links again Phil. Missed ya’ man.

It’s Been a While

It occurs to me I haven’t updated the links in the sidebar in a really long time. There are a few blogs and sites in there that, for one reason or another, I never get to anymore. Mental note: Take care of links file tonight.

Quiet. Too quiet.

I was runing through my feeds this morning when I noticed one that hadn’t been updated in a long time, over a month now, Kevin Sites dot net. Too quiet. Anyone seen him on NBC or any of the other media channels? His last post was on December 8th when he rolled out on a…


Thai Bird Flu Cases Raise Concern Thailand’s government confirmed Friday that two boys and an undetermined number of chickens have contracted the bird flu virus, while the UN agriculture agency said that chickens in Cambodia also have been affected. [CBS News] In America we have sheep. You draw your own mental images.

Fixing the Problems

Well it appears my problem I’ve been having posting has been due to the database. Once I optimized the tables I’m able to post no problem. Nice.


I just optimized my database to see if that is having any effect on the problems I’ve been encountering while posting. Lets give it a shot.

Running Linux

I added a new weblog so that I can deal with my new found addiction to Linux. Take a look at Dailything.com: Running Linux. Everything you thought you knew was wrong.